How to Enable Disbale Mcafee Firewall?

A firewall is the security system that monitors all the incoming and outgoing connections through the network. The main use of this network security to block the bad connections and allow only a good or legit connection to your device. Mcafee antivirus comes with default firewall security. If you are using the free version of McAfee then there must be limited firewall protection on other-hand paid McAfee products gives you full firewall security. Sometimes we need to disable the firewall to install or do some important work on the device, in this case, we need to know the best way to disable McAfee firewall security.

Follow the below steps to disable firewall security.

  • Open your McAfee Setting/Control panel interface.
  • Select the Web and Email protection option.
  • Click on the check-box to Uncheck the option.
  • Turn off the option of Firewall
  • Click the Save button and exit from settings.
  • Reboot your device and check the settings.

In case if you do not see the firewall option then go to the main settings tab and search for “firewall”.

By following the above steps you can easily disable the Mcafee firewall security. If you getting any error while following the above steps then you can contact Mcafee for a solution.


You can re-enable your Mcafee firewall by revert the process, to do this just click the check-box and save settings.


The firewall protects us from miscellaneous activity and virus attacks but for some time needs to disable to do a specific task.


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