Secure Online Transaction and Payment With Mcafee?

We always do online shopping through many online portals. The cyber attacker always ready to steal your important data and credentials. We need to stay alert while shopping online and making transactions. Mcafee antivirus can stop these cyber threads.

As we all know antivirus always help us to keep from virus and malware attacks. Some antivirus has inbuilt cybersecurity features. Mcafee is one of them, It protects our devices as well as from online threads.

According to a recent survey, online threats increase by 50 percent in the past few years. Thieves adopt a new way to steal your money and data. They mostly attack online shopping sites.

The cybercriminal uses a very clever way to steal your credit card detail, they make similar and identical checkout pages or use the very less secure payment gateway to steal your credit card info.

Why online security is necessary?

Cybercrime and attacker can destroy your financial state and could put you in very dangerous situations. They can harm business and social life as well. So we need to stay alert and keep our sensitive data safe and secure. Antivirus and proper security can help you to do the same. So use any trusted antivirus to keep your online transaction safe and secure.

How can we tackle these cyber attacks?

CWell, there are many ways to tackle these cyber attacks. One uses antivirus or any trusted software. Below is some basic activity to do before doing online transactions.

  • Check the validity and secure webpage of the transactional website.
  • Check the suspicious activity.
  • Keep alert on all payments and transactions.
  • Use complete security software.
  • Do not open any suspicious website.
  • Keep your online security always on.


Online shopping is like our part of life so no one can stay away from this. But with proper antivirus software and security, you can enjoy all the online transactions without any hassle.


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